A couple of weeks ago we headed up to NYC for a little getaway, and to celebrate our good friends Randa and Julie turning 30!  We had never been to New York before and the only way that I can describe it is that it is VERY different from Texas.  We were there for 4 days, probably slept about 16 hours, did not make a dent in the city and had a ton of fun.

Day 1 we grabbed a slice of famous NY pizza, and it was just pizza, but the biggest slice I have ever eaten.  We walked around, tried to figure out how to get to everything from where we were, and had our first experience on the subway.  The subway system is the most confusing thing I have ever encountered.  You have to be a genius to figure out which way you are going, if you are even on the right train, which stop to hop off at and then how to get back to where you started.  Fortunately, Keith downloaded a subway app on his trusty iPhone.  Unfortunately, it only gave us the correct info about half the time.  After we rode 90 blocks going the wrong direction, I was about ready to throw his trusty little phone under the train and I don’t know, ASK FOR DIRECTIONS???  Anyway, deep breath.  Speaking of iPhones, we went to the coolest Mac store ever and played the big piano at FAO Schwartz.

That night we ate at another one of Bobby Flays restaurants called Bar American.  As always, we were very impressed.

Day 2 started VERY early.  Randa had scored us tickets to Good Morning America and it was probably my favorite part of our vacation.  I just think that it is so cool how all the “behind the scene” stuff works.  I got to meet Robin Roberts and I told her how much my Mom loves her.  I am sure that she was honored!

Emeril was on GMA.  He looks just like this at all times…

unless the cameras were rolling and then he gave a little smile.

But his food was FANTASTIC!

The rest of day 2 was crazy.  Keith and I did some retail therapy, while the others went and did all the touristy stuff.  We all met up after lunch for trapeze lessons.  Not me, of course.  I was the picture taker, but cannot wait to go somewhere that has this again so that I can participate.  They had a blast and it looked like so much fun.

Later that evening we went to see Billy Elliot on Broadway.  I think the girls appreciated it a lot more than the guys did.

Day 3 Keith and I spent shopping, shopping and shopping some more.  Unfortunately, I only bought 3 things, but we still had a lot of fun.  We decided that our two favorite neighborhoods are Soho and West Village.  Soho had the best shopping, but the West Village looked like the Cosby’s neighborhood.  While we were eating at this awesome Cuban restaurant, we noticed that the sign out our window had a Lola sticker on it.  Too cute.

That night we had reservations at Ruby Foos for dinner.  We were expecting the best sushi we have ever had, and we were very disappointed.  You just can’t beat the food in Dallas, or the prices.

Day 4 we had brunch at Balthazars.  I thought it was awesome.  The guys were not impressed with their $20 french toast.  We spent the afternoon walking through Central Park and enjoying the snow.  Great trip with great friends!  Next will be my forever 29 in Mexico!

Oh, did I mention that the morning we left, the girls both woke up with a fever?  My mom took them to the doctor and they both had double ear infections.  Thank God for my sweet Mom!  Isn’t it horrible that I thought to myself, what a great time to be across the country?  Although we did miss them, I was glad to come home to happy, healthy kids and didn’t even have to deal with all the whining while they were sick!

Peace out.


This and That

Not much has been going on lately, just cooking a baby.  Keith and I are headed to NYC this weekend for a little get away.  Probably our last for awhile because who in their right mind would keep all of our kids come June?  Once this little one arrives we will have to start dispersing them out in order to get any alone time!  Then again, any time we get alone time I end up pregnant, so we should probably stay put for a bit.  Here’s a little of what’s been happening the past couple months…

Sophia started dance lessons!  She is definitely not the most graceful ballerina I have ever seen, but she LOVES it and loves to get all dressed up every Monday.

The girls officially moved in to their new room together.  I promise, pics to come as soon as the final details are finished.  They sleep in the same bed, even though they both have one, and it takes about 2 hours for them to actually fall asleep.  I’ll take what I can get since this new arrangement keeps them out of our bed, well, for the most part.

We were in a Mardi Gras parade…

Sophia had a Valentines party at her school, and Keith got volunteered to read a book since he was the only dad present…

We had snow, like ridiculous amounts of snow!  Sophia loved it, Lola thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to her.


So this is a bit late, but things have been crazy around here.  For starters, I have horrible pregnancy brain so I can’t remember to do anything.  Second, we are constantly busy, but I have no idea what we have been doing?  Third, I am still feeling just as yucky as I did 2 months ago so I pretty much put the girls to bed at night and quickly follow them.  Anyway, we had a great Christmas.  Lots of driving, but lots of family fun!  The girls went to see Northpark Santa for the 4th year in a row.  Sophia thought he was awesome, Lola wasn’t quite as excited.  (those of you that received our Christmas card will understand, those of you that didn’t, sorry, we had to cut back this year)  Lola sat in his lap for all of the 2 seconds it took to catch a quick picture, and Sophia would have sat there all day making sure he understood just which ring she wanted from James Avery.  Even after her bonding experience with him she was still very concerned about how Santa would get in our house?  Where will he park his sleigh?  How long will he stay once he is in?  Her thinking capacity is so much more than any 4 year old should have to deal with.  I just want to shake her sometimes and make her be a kid and stop her from worrying so much.  Then again, Lola is so far the opposite direction that I think Sophia’s wisdom will help us out of many a hospital stays with the little monster.

Speaking of the little monster, she is still as crazy as ever.  She literally defines the phrase “marching to her own drum”.  She is still dirty, always mismatched, eats her boogers, does whatever she wants no matter what her consequence, squeals at the top of her lungs, gets in trouble at school for beating up on the other kids and has absolutely no desire to potty train.  She is also the most loving, affectionate, funny, quirky, outgoing 2 year old that we know!

The only interest that either girl has in the new baby is giving it the most outrageous names you have ever heard.  Their favorite boy name is Scraper and the girl names rotate from Tally to Mara to Tina to who knows what else.  I think they are going to be upset when this child gets a “normal” name.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great holiday!  Until next time…

It’s snowing!

Cookie decorating…

Ready for Santa…

mycharity: water

mycharity: water

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This week is always a week of reflection for what I am thankful for.  God’s grace never ceases to amaze me and we could never thank Him enough for all of our many, many blessings.  It is so easy to get caught up in all the things that we don’t have living in a materialistic society, until the holidays approach and everywhere you turn, there are people asking for help.  This is the first year of my life that I honestly cannot think of one thing I want for my birthday or Christmas.  It’s not because I have everything, but because I don’t need anything.  This year I have so much to be thankful for, but here are a few specifics…

My relationship with God that continues to grow.

A wonderful, loving husband that is pretty easy on the eyes.

A precious little 4 year old that loves to pretend like she is pregnant.

My wild little Slowla that loves to color all over herself.

Another precious baby on the way to complete our family.

Good health.  (this is big in the eyes of a hypochondriac)

A messy house full of love and memories.

A great church where we grow and build relationships.

An awesome family and friends that we love so much and could not manage without.

Last, but not least, Zofran and a heating pad.  I would not be able to function without the two lately.

We hope your Thanksgiving is full of good food and love!  We are off to the farm for a few days and then to my Nana’s on Saturday so I will post pics when we get back!

Happy Halloween!!!

We have had so much Fall fun the past few weeks.  The weather has been wonderful, most days, and there are so many fun things for kids to do leading up to Halloween.  We visited the Pumpkin Patch, we went to our churches Fall Festival, the girls had Fall parties at school and we planned for the biggest 1 and 2 year old birthday party you have ever seen!  Their party invitation read…Two little pumpkins sitting in a patch.  One named Lola, the other named Jack.  Jack said to Lola, “How do you do?”  Lola then said, “I’m turning two!”  Jack then shouted with all his might, “I’m turning one on Halloween night!”

Lola just turned 2 and her cousin Jack is a Halloween baby so we had a combined party for the two little pumpkins.  We had it outside at my parents house in the country where the kids enjoyed the coolest bounce house there ever was, chili cheese dogs, smores and pumpkin spice cupcakes and a candy bar.  We all sat outside on hay-bails and enjoyed all the kids in their cute Halloween costumes!  Here are a lot of random pics from the past few weeks!

IMG_4586 IMG_4591 IMG_4576 IMG_4636 IMG_4644 IMG_4634


My sister and I were the "Mummies" to the pumpkins!

IMG_4591 IMG_4593 IMG_4613 IMG_4615 IMG_4625 IMG_4632 IMG_4622 IMG_4652 IMG_4682 IMG_4697